Carpet Cleaning

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At NYC Silk Rug Cleaning, we know why carpet is the traditional and popular choice for floors. It’s soft, comfortable, gives off an air of luxury and keeps you warm on cold, long winter nights. Our customers love their carpets – and we do too, in fact. There’s nothing like carpet when you want some comfort.


Unfortunately, along with the comfort, there’s a small drawback – the nasty things that live deep inside your carpet’s fibers. These include dirt, soil, dust mites, allergens and grime which, left to accumulate, ‘cake’ the carpet fibers and start weakening its material. Luckily, there’s an easy remedy – carpet cleaning, carried out by professionals, on a regular basis.


We are here to help! Our staff are dedicated professionals and with our non-toxic products and industrial machinery, we’re confident we’ll do such a good job you won’t recognize your carpet afterwards. With its soft feel, and fresh smell, it will be like living in a whole new space!


Our Carpet Cleaning Process


We’ve been doing this.a long time and we take a series of steps that never let us down. These include…


  • Inspection – checking its condition and age so we can work out any specific needs it has.
  • Power Vacuuming – a deep vacuuming is necessary to rid the carpet of grime and soil, as well as dust mites and allergens.
  • Pre-treatment – we then apply a green and gentle conditioning spot and stain product – this will go to work on red wine, coffee, grease and even pet urine stains.
  • Deep cleaning – only now will we clean your carpet, using powerful machinery and a hot water extraction technique.


Comprehensive Carpet Installation Service Throughout NYC


NYC Silk New York City also offers a comprehensive carpet installation service – we guarantee to do it all! From removing doors and furniture, laying down tackless strips, installing the actual carpet pad then trimming the material and stapling the seams, you can rely on us..


With our green, eco-friendly products, same day service and free pick-up and return delivery process, we feel you can’t afford not to try us! So pick up the phone now to speak to one of our friendly staff and find out more about our rug and carpet services. .


NYC Silk Rug Cleaning – Your Local Chelsea and Clinton Rug Experts


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State of the Art Machinery for a Deep Clean


At NYC Silk Rug Cleaning we only use state-of-the-art machinery. Each machine comprises two tanks which are kept separate from start to finish. One sprays out hot, clean water onto your carpet and the other removes the dirty water. It’s imperative that dirty water doesn’t touch your carpet after it has been cleaned, and that is what this tank design ensures.


We also calibrate the machine specifically to make sure your carpet receives the correct water pressure – too little or too much can harm it.


Finally, we’ll give you carpet another check, groom it, straighten the fringes and align the pile. It should by now look very clean – and if you wait just a few hours, you can then walk on it once more.

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